This is a story all about how my 32nd birthday popped off and went all the way down…[Jadakiss cackle]

My weekend started on the night of the 28th, my sister-in-law’s birthday.  I watched my nephew while she enjoyed a birthday dinner with her husband.  I couldn’t have asked for a better intro to my birthday!  We sang a WHOLE LOT of ABCs, shot some ball, yelled “Got em!” every few minutes, played with trains, read a few books, he taught me spanish, ate Chipotle, laughed a lot, shared some hugs and kisses and then passed out!


3.29  I was happily awoken by Jaden, “get up… blanket off Aunt Shanda.”  We then played more ball and he had breakfast.

 Then it was off for my run in Suburbia.  I definitely felt like a house-wife in the “perfect” suburban community.  Trash cans were lined up in the driveway.  Cars were pulling out of the garages.  Dogs were being walked.  While me and Ye were having an intimate moment as I looped Ultralight Beam.  It was the perfect way to start my birthday run/meditation on life.   .. a little Jesus… a little ratchet… 

We on an ultralight beam
This is a God dream
This is everything
Deliver us serenity
Deliver us peace
Deliver us loving
We know we need it
You know we need it

But then my phone shut off.  Right as I was turning the corner to start up a hill.  I can’t lie I got really upset for a second.  Ultralight Beam had me super hype and me and my run were getting it.  Then my external energy failed me… but then I heard the birds chirping and I felt the mist in the air.  Kind of cheesy… but then I felt at peace.  My brain wasn’t racing.  It wasn’t being bombarded with loud noise.  It was just me sweating it out and enjoying the environment.

I have a super calm demeanor, but I always feel like I’m on hundred.  Running has always allowed me to zone out… to release stress.  But what am I stressed about?? I literally have zero reason to be stressed.  Life is great right now.  Me and my brother laughed about this for a second.  I feel like we all feel stressed over simple things that really don’t deserve that type of energy.  Why we always gotta make our life harder than it is?!?!? smh

Nonetheless, waking up on my birthday and getting to spend the morning with my brother and nephew was perfect! And just like that, my 4 day weekend started!!

Next up… homemade strawberry shortcake cupcakes. Made by me!… from scratch. I enjoy baking and for the most part I dislike store/bakery bought cakes.  I decided weeks before to have a Cupcake & Champagne Happy Hour at my place.  It was a success! 


 3.30 DC…. AYYYYEEE!

But first… “Po-Pos behind me, I ain’t gonna stop.” Sike naw.  I definitely got pulled over on my birthday and was given a warning. Major side eye. He didn’t even say happy birthday to me.  But anyways… how long does it take two women and an Advanced AutoParts employee to put a front license plate on a car???? Let’s just have a moment of silence for the struggle.

Lesson of the night… if you see a group of medical students in the lounge, just turn around and walk away.  Thank me later.  Thats coming from me as the Physician and single black woman. (inside joke)




REWIND…. Photoshoot Fresh

My mother made my outfit… the bodysuit top and tulle skirt.  “Clap for her.” I wanted to take some photos for her website but I also wanted to get out there and snap some bday photos for me! In 40ish degree weather I strutted thru Bmore while a friend snapped some pics.



REWIND (again) to the start of my birthday week at the Miguel concert!

“Take a shot, make a friend, just enjoy the moment… Celebrate everyday like a birthday”

A few days after Miguel, I celebrated another March bday.  Happy birthday Iyamide! D.C…. Ayyyeee!

Karaoke… Rockstar….Marvin’s Room… “Got up in the club. Posted in the back.  Feeling so good.  Looking so bad.”  “Cups of the [mai tai].  All my people been here.  I see all of her friends here.”

3.31 Recovery

D.C. was crazy lit.  I’ll just leave that like that.  I tried out this Turkish restaurant, Cazbar, in Baltimore for dinner.  Delicious… although I wasn’t really feeling my meal.  I was feeling my dress tho! 

4.1 Ended the weekend in Baltimore at Bond Street Social for Brunch with my parents. Happy Easter!!

I haven’t had this much fun in celebration of me in a long time! I have amazing friends and family that have always been there for me… that have always supported me…. that have always shown me exactly what it means to have a GREAT time! I’m so thankful! So blessed!!  Happy birthday to me! Back to real life soon, but first there’s a spot waiting for me on my couch! 

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